title pic Giantess Shrinks Man

Posted by admin on May 30, 2011

I have been doing Giantess webcam shows for over a year now but just within the last month I have met a very generous little slave who is always in need of my giantess clips.

He found my clips on Kinkbomb and got my attention with a few tributes and emails going into detail about the giantess dreams he had been having about me. I posted one of them in my guestbook page dated May 12th, 2011

We wrote each other many times over the next few weeks about his dreams and me in detail about how I made him weak, and how good it felt to serve me. I felt powerful, An almighty Goddess, even though we were thousands of miles away; never spoken on the phone, or never seen me live on web cam. He’s like a pen pal and that’s pretty neat to me.

It seemed with each email came another tribute, and another. It made my tiny slave feel great knowing his tribute would help me have a good weekend. He heard I was going on vacation this summer and contributed many amazon gifts cards too. He really has been spoiling me all month long. He even did up some fabulous Photoshop Art of me you can find in my Photo Gallery

I thoroughly enjoy our Giantess relationship and I hope our journey together continues!

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