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Posted by admin on May 27, 2012

It seems like forever since I produced a Foreskin Humiliation Video. My Post Circumcised Vs Uncircumcised was a huge hit awhile back and I really got to know many of fans with that post. Actually before I get into my new Video I would like to ask my fans what forum they are now a part of. I went to post a few things on the Foreskin Play Ace Board Foreskin Play Ace Board and see it is now offline Would someone be so kind to let me know where you all went? :)

Ok, so on with the goodies! I had this Foreskin Humiliation Video in my mind for so many months but it seemed every time I went to buy a nurse outfit for it, the websites were out of stock of the one I liked. But after so many failed attempts I decided to go local and I was so happy to see the same outfit in stock! Just when I started to think the internet made my life easier! Guess where I will be going from now on for sexy costumes! And for same price as getting it online with shipping! Ha!

So without further a due here is my awesome new Foreskin Humiliation Video. You guys are going to love this! Especially those who love the idea of being forced to be circumcised.

Dirty Foreskin Must Be Removed (Nurse Roleplay)
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You have come in a second time to see the nurse to discuss your stinky uncircumcised Smegma Cock. I ask you to lay down so I can see what’s going on. When I unzip your pants though I horrid smell fills the room. Your uncircumcised penis is disgusting and you obviously haven’t listened to a word I said about how to clean it. I call the men nurses in to the room to tie you down to the bed. I pull out a needle and tell you this is all for your own good. While slightly asleep all you can see is my slow movements and voice as I describe your dirty foreskin and humiliate you for it while under aesthetic. I tell the doctor it’s time to cut it off and throw it out! You awake and I tell you what just happened. That you have just been circumcised against your will. It’s your own fault. You would have those nerve endings still if you only kept it clean like I told you. *No Nudity *1280×720

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I hope it was well worth the wait! Please pass this post around!
Enjoy! Nurse Dee :)