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Posted by admin on February 21, 2012

There are so many of you cum eating sluts out there. You are all such a blast to web cam with! I never laugh so hard. I also love the sensual first time eaters too. I like it both ways, but laughter really is great medicine for Miss Dee :)

So Slave Steve was actually in quite some trouble with me a few days ago. He had been luckily owned by me but there came a time when he couldn’t afford me. Instead of being honest with me he chose to ignore me. Never a good thing to do to Miss Dee!

After a week Steve begged for me to take him back.  He is such a coward! He would change his yahoo status to apologies to me ha!  Then Saturday night he messages me begging to buy my latest Cum Eating Instruction Video and to take him back.

He’s so pathetic. But I have a heart. After reading messages like “Please GODDESS may I serve you again?” “I won’t go back to my wife again GODDESS” “my place is with you eating cum with something up my ass may I please begin GODDESS?”  So it looks like he came to his senses :)

I give him permission to buy my CEI Video. I requested pictures back so I could see what a cum eating loser he was! Look familiar? Feel like your looking in a mirror cum slut? LOL

So fucking nasty! Spoon feeding himself, brushing his teeth with it and blowing bubbles for me! What a riot!  He’s going to be saving  10 loads each week for awhile now. His punishment for steering off his path of servitude. He also had to empty his Niteflirt account. Not that there was much in it, but money is money and I have no problem taking a lot or a little as punishment ;)

So slave Steve is back in my life. What a lucky fuck! He better not steer this time! Or my heart won`t be so kind to let him back in.

Just as I sit and write this blog post I have had 2 cum eating slut shows already! Ha! It`s like my story of the 3 Little Dicks I posted last month! Now I have 3 Cum Eating Sluts :) One slut I have had for years and one whom I met for the first time today on Niteflirt

I love cumsluts too because they always leave such great feedback after the call. Like this one left today from the new Slut.

Mz. Dee is so much fun. Sexy, cute, smart, clear voice, clear cam, and creative. She laughed while I eat my cum. I wanted to eat it. I wanted to hear her laugh.

You guys are more then entertaining! And Cam2Cam Cum Eating Shows are always the best!

Are you a cumslut jerk off boy who likes to eat cum for their Mistress.  Then you should go buy up both my Cum Eating Instruction Videos and start your Cum Eating Servitude today :)


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