title pic Castration Fantasy

Posted by admin on February 25, 2013

The Urban Dictionary Says Castration Fantasy is when you dream about or desire or think about the woman you love to loving-ly remove your testicles or to keep them in HER possesion. And also To be castrated by the woman who you love and worship, either real or fantasy.

Now, I understand the whole love and worship idea surrounding this, but loving-ly? LOL Not in my fantasy! Bye Bye Gonads :)

Accidental Castration Bye Bye Gonads
You came in for a simple prostate exam but when you wake up you hear you were accidentally castrated. Or was it an accident? I explain that your epidedimis was crushed to prevent semen to travel from testicles. You are no longer capable of procreating. There may even be vessel and nerve damage. Only time will tell. You thought you came in for a simple cough test. It was all a trick. To get you under and castrate you. In fact, you find out that is my mission. To have every man who walks in to this doctors office castrated. Bye Bye Gonads Mr. Smith. *1280×720 *No Nudity

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